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Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

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Investing in a recreational accommodation in Friesland

Investing in recreational real estate is something that is growing in popularity. You have probably heard a success story already. However, there are a few things you should know before you can invest in a recreational accommodation. We are happy to explain to you what investing in real estate means and what you should take note of. Investing is a good alternative to saving. The low interest rates make investing an interesting option. Did you know the projected net returns are approximately 5%? At Soal Beach Resort, it is possible to invest your money in a recreational accommodation. During the purchase of a recreational accommodation, you can choose to use the accommodation partly yourself and partly rent it out, or to rent it out fully. 

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Investing in real estate at Soal Beach Resort

Soal Beach Resort makes sure you can invest in recreational real estate free of worries. The resort is situated at a unique location at the IJsselmeer. Our resort is surrounded by nature and has an amazing view. If you want to invest in a recreational accommodation, now is the perfect moment to do so. The reason is due to the current market conditions. Domestic tourism got a significant boost and holidays in one's own country are increasing in popularity too. When you rent the recreational accommodation out, you will increasingly build capital, making it a stable investment.  If you invest in a recreational accommodation in Friesland, you can use the accommodation yourself as well for as many as 12 weeks per year, 2 of which during a holiday period. For the rest of the year, your recreational accommodation will be rented out by our professional rental organization.

The surrounding area of your recreational accommodation

The best place to invest in a recreational accommodation is Soal Beach Resort. As described earlier, Soal Beach Resort is situated at an amazing and unique location at the IJsselmeer. It is the perfect place for nature and water sports enthusiasts. In addition to newly constructed recreational accommodations at the beach and at the harbor, the resort also has a hotel with wellness, catering venues with terraces, a boulevard with various shops, a snack bar, a supermarket, a swimming pool and an indoor playground. Soal Beach Resort is located near Workum, one of the Friesland Eleven Cities. It is a diverse city with lots to do and see. You can find great events and day trips at Waterland of Friesland. They range from cool festivals to cozy markets. Great for the children too! You can also go for beautiful hiking and cycling trips, while there are various museums for culture enthusiasts as well. In short, it is the perfect place for investing in recreational real estate!

An overview of the surrounding area

  • Versatile city of Workum
  • Events at Waterland
  • Walking routes
  • Opportunity for water sports
  • Various museums
  • Cycling tours
  • Traditional delicacies from the baker

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