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How does the purchase of a vacation home work?

Step-by-step plan of purchase

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How does buying a holiday home work?

We can imagine that if you're buying a recreational home for the first time, you will have some questions about how it works. That's why we've created a step-by-step plan for you which provides you with an illustration about how the purchase of a holiday accommodation works. 

Step 1

Have you looked at Soal Beach Resort's sales brochure yet? It provides you with a first impression of the park, the surrounding area and the accommodations. This project brochure was created for more insight into the possibilities of the project.

Step 2

We will be happy to welcome you on location. This allows you to experience for yourself what the project and the surrounding area have to offer you. We will inform you about all aspects of the project and happily answer all of your questions in a personal conversation. 

How does buying a holiday home work?

Step 3

During a visit to the project location, you will get a good view of the location of the available apartments. We can tell you more about the rental possibilities combined with private use of the accommodation during a personal conversation. We will also be happy to go over the different accommodation types with you, so that you can decide which type of apartment best matches your wishes.

Step 4

If you've made a choice in favor of one of the available apartments, we can make a reservation in your name for a short period (five working days). You will also receive our buyer's map with all legal documents applicable to the purchase. The reservation period is meant to allow you to get the most important things clear in mind. During this period, our adviser is available for any questions you may have.

Step 5

When everything is clear and you decide to buy the apartment definitively, we offer you a purchase agreement to sign. You will sign for the project design at the same time, so that you will only have an agreement with a single party. These agreements document all of the matters that have been discussed and confirms them in writing by both parties.

Step-by-step plan of purchase

Step 6

The official transfer takes place at the notary. The notary will provide you with a deed of delivery and a settlement statement. Upon the transfer, you will have to pay the costs based on the terms included in the purchase agreement.

Step 7

The beach apartments will be realized in a single construction phase. Construction will start as soon as 70% of the apartments have been sold.

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