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About us

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About Soal Beach Resort

Welcome to Soal Beach Resort, the unique resort at the IJsselmeer in Workum. A dream come true for me, an amazing investment opportunity for you and a wonderful base camp for a fantastic holiday for holidaymakers.

Soal Beach Resort is a continuation of AquaResort it Soal. We founded this recreation company in 1994 and it has since grown into a close-knit family company. As soon as 1997, we conceived of the idea to lift AquaResort it Soal – marina and campsite – to a higher level. We started developing the camping area where mobile homes were replaced by more luxurious chalets. But we believed this location had much more potential. After all, who could imagine a more beautiful place for a luxurious resort than right at the beach of Workum? This location between city and IJsselmeer has something magical. It is surrounded by nature and has an amazing wide view. I imagined a resort where guests could experience everything this place has to offer optimally. Alynia Design & Development managed to transform my vision into a fantastic design, with architecture that perfectly complements the beautiful surroundings.

    Luxury apartments
    On the IJsselmeer
    Surrounded by nature

The unique nature experience of Soal Beach Resort is ironically also the reason why it took nearly a quarter of a century for this plan to get off the ground. Nature is 'sacred' and this can be a challenge when you want to build things. But if you manage to build in a way that doesn't violate nature but embraces it instead, it results in something truly beautiful. To me, Soal Beach resort is proof of that. Construction will start in 2022 and 28 beach apartments will be completed in 2023. For guests who can enjoy this amazing location right at the IJsselmeer in all the luxury they could wish for. All year round. The next phases will give shape to the rest of the resort as well, until the scene is complete as well as perfect.

- Gert Jan Mondeel, president/owner of Soal Beach Resort