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  • Fixed value investment
  • Professional rental organisation
  • Luxury flats

Returns on a luxurious apartment

A wonderful place to relax at the water? Or many years of financially enjoying the renting out of your recreational apartment? Why not both? Owning a recreational apartment is not just a personal choice, it is also a smart move for the future. Did you know that the projected net returns are approximately 5%? You can buy a second home as an investment and let a professional party handle both its management and the rental process. Soal Beach Resort is building amazing beach apartments at a special, green location with a direct view of the IJsselmeer. And you can invest in it!

From summer 2023, delivered for lease.  Investing now pays off in the short term!

Investing in recreational real estate

Due to current market circumstances, it is a good idea to invest in your own recreational apartment right now. Domestic tourism has gotten a huge boost, and going on holiday in one's own country is still enormously popular. An important reason to invest in a recreational apartment is the returns it can provide. By renting out the apartment, you generate extra income. This allows you to build increasing wealth. In addition, it is a tangible investment you can use yourself as an owner as well. An ideal combination! A recreational apartment has proven a valuable investment. The big advantage is that you will be able to sell the apartment on after time has passed!


Triple A location

Soal Beach Resort is magnificently located at the IJsselmeer and at short distance from tourist attractions.


Excellent construction quality

The basic principle is apartments in the more luxurious segment with a high level of finish that matches the natural surroundings.


Sustainable materials

Sustainable, maintenance-free and user-friendly materials are being used in the construction of Soal Beach Resort. 

Soal Beach Resort: amazing resort at the IJsselmeer

The resort has a beautiful location at the IJsselmeer, between the beach and the marina which is to be expanded. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers! In addition to the beach and the harbor, there will also be amenities such as a hotel with wellness, a boulevard with shops, catering venues with terraces and a supermarket. A swimming pool and an indoor playground ensue that the children will be able to have a good time with any kind of weather. Soal Beach Resort is the perfect base camp for relaxing or exploring the surrounding area. 

Why Soal Beach Resort?

  • Luxurious and sustainable flats
  • Projected net yield of approx. 5%
  • 12 weeks per year own use
  • Rented by a professional organisation
  • Top location on the IJsselmeer

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