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Alternative to saving

Alternative to saving

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  • Invest in 8-person flats
  • On the IJsselmeer in Friesland
  • Ideal for lovers of water sports

Are you looking for an alternative for saving?

Are you unsure about what to do with your savings now the interest rates are so low? And are you looking for an alternative to saving for that reason? If so, take a look at the possibilities of investing in recreational real estate. As it happens, you can invest in holiday apartments at Soal Beach Resort. You can then have these apartments rented out by our professional rental organization, but you can also use the accommodation yourself for 12 weeks per year. Did you know that the projected net returns are approximately 5%?  This makes buying a holiday apartment an ideal alternative to saving.

Our holiday apartments:

What will you do with your savings?

If you will be investing in an apartment, we can help you at Soal Beach Resort. Our resort is located at the water of the IJsselmeer in Friesland. Thanks to this unique top-location, our park is ideal for those who like water sports. If you buy a holiday apartment with us, you can use the apartment for 12 weeks per year, 2 of which during a holiday period. Your apartment has a spacious balcony with an amazing view of the IJsselmeer. The interior consists of sustainable materials with the atmosphere of the natural surroundings.  Are you curious about the possibilities of buying an apartment as an alternative to saving?  Feel free to contact us.

Why Soal Beach Resort?

  • Luxurious and sustainable flats
  • Projected net yield of approx. 5%
  • 12 weeks per year own use
  • Rented by a professional organisation
  • Top location on the IJsselmeer

Soal Beach Resort 

Soal Beach Resort will be developed further over the coming years. This includes the construction of holiday homes and facilities such as a harbor, beach club and wellness facilities. This makes youralternative to saving even more interesting, not just for you but also for your guests. When you choose to rent it out, your second home will be rented out by professionals.  The rental process and management of Soal Beach Resort is handled by Monda holiday parks. Monda is known for its full service, meaning everything is taken care of for you. Are you interested in this alternative to saving yet? Please contact us or request the brochure.

Frequently asked questions

What are alternatives for saving

Investing in a vacation home is an appealing and common alternative for saving. At Soal Beach Resort you can invest in luxurious apartments directly on the IJsselmeer for a projected net return of approximately 5%.

What is the advantage of buying a vacation home?

The advantage of buying a vacation home as an alternative for saving is that it is a care–free investment. You do not have to worry about reading stock prices all the time and you can generate a return while being completely relaxed.

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