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Soal Beach Resort Vastgoed
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Commercially investing in real estate

Are you an entrepreneur with a private company (bv) and are you looking for a way to increase your wealth? While investing in stock is an option, this requires a lot of time, knowledge, and risk. Furthermore, leaving your money in a savings deposit can lead to depreciation of your wealth. That's why purchasing real estate and renting it out is an attractive option to achieve an attractive return. By investing in real estate and renting it out, you do not only enjoy attractive returns, but could over time potentially also benefit from appreciation of the property

  • Investing from a company
  • Various fiscal advantages
  • Enjoy attractive returns

Our real estate properties:

Investing in recreational real estate

You might so far have considered business or commercial real estate, but did you already consider investing in a holiday home? This type of investment is low-risk, and at Soal Vastgoed everything in terms of rentals and management is taken care of for you. After purchasing a beach apartment, it is immediately available to rent out, and our reliable rental organization will strive for the optimal occupancy rate. Besides that you can indicate online that you want to use the holiday home yourself, for up to 3 months per year

Investing in a recreation home at a newly constructed resort

Soal Beach Resort is a new construction project in Workum in Friesland, which in the next few years will transform into a holiday resort that's way above average in all facets: in terms of location, architecture, variety, and atmosphere. How does this benefit you?  This is one reason why an investment in a holiday home at Soal Beach Resort is a stable investment that is likely to appreciate. Furthermore, you and your guests can always use the facilities. Do you want to learn more about the park and the developments in the near future or about purchasing real estate at Soal Beach Resorts?

Soal Beach Resort:

  • 20 years of experience
  • A tight family business
  • Trusted rental organization
  • Personal assistance
  • Care-free investment
  • New construction project by the IJsselmeer

A place where you can also recreate yourself

If you decide upon a commercial investment in real estate and proceed to purchase a beach apartment in Friesland, you can also choose to use the home yourself. At Soal Vastgoed this is even possible for up to 3 months per year! Plenty of time to explore the fun terraces, shops, or arts and culture in Workum. Or head out together to explore the nature reserve of Warkumerwaard, which has many birds. Want to explore the resort, beach apartments, or the area yourself? Schedule a non-binding appointment. 

Get to know the resort and location already:


✓ Marina
✓ Beach pavillion
✓ IJsselmeer beach


✓ Workum
✓ The IJsselmeer
✓ Nature reserve Warkumerwaard

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