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Buying a house at a holiday park: discover the many possibilities

Are you looking for a house at a holiday park? At Soal Beach Resorts, we offer luxurious and comfortable holiday apartments for four to six persons. One of the advantages of a house at a holiday park is that you and your guests can use all the facilities. Why an apartment instead of a house? On average, you will have to pay lower heating costs because you lose less heat upwards and downwards. You will also pay less property tax and the maintenance costs are sharedwith the other homes. Our apartment complex has an elevator, making it ideal for people with reduced mobility. Would you like to know what other advantages there are?

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More advantages of a house at a holiday park

Buying a house at a holiday park has many advantages. For instance, you and your guests can use the facilities of the newly built holiday park, such as our bicycle rental, supermarket, sports field, harbor restaurant and much more! You can choose whether you will enjoy the house yourself or whether you will enjoy the financial benefits of renting it out for years to come. Of course, a combination is possible too! The holiday apartments are easier to rent out because our rental organization is happy to handle it for you. This means that management and maintenance are taken care of for you and our marketing team ensures a high occupancy rate. 

    Use the park facilities
    Own use or (partial) letting
    Our rental organization takes care of maintenance and management
    (Online) marketing tools for optimal occupancy rates

Investing at Soal Beach Resort

At Soal Beach Resort, you can choose whether you use the holiday apartment yourself to relax or whether you make the property available for (partial) letting. If you make the house at our holiday park available for letting, the projected net return is approximately 5%!  We ensure optimal occupancy through our (online) marketing tools. Our holiday park is located in a Triple A location and the apartments have a high level of finish using sustainable materials. 

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